If Farmers in Rajasthan Can, Why Can't We ...?


When we think of Rajasthan, only desert lands and scorching sun come to our mind.

But even in such a place, thousands of farmers have transformed their barren lands into evergreen heavens of year-long farming - using Solar pumpsets, Drip irrigation & Community farming ponds.

When ground water is available at less than 100 feet depth or within few hundreds of feet, why do our farmers end their lives citing crop losses?

So what - if there is no water from Cauvery or Mettur Dam?
So what - if you get 3-phase supply for only few hours a day and at different times?
So what - if electricity tariff also changes like Petrol and Diesel prices?
So what - if the Govts eliminate subsidies?

Can't we - utilize ground water to the maximum?
Can't we - plan for farming throughout the year?
Can't we - form local communities and build community farming ponds?
Can't we - invest in Solar pumps & get 4 - 6 hrs of water daily throughout the year?
Can't we - pay for what we use and keep our heads high?

Is it not better than living and dieing meekly?

Would anyone have dared to touch our lands to lay pipes to transport oil or drill holes to get gas, if we had adopted farming throughout the year?
Solar Pumping: Rajasthan
Solar Pumping: Bihar
Solar Pumping: Gujarat

Ground Water Can Do, What River Water Cannot Do ...!!!

For shallow and medium depth, 1 HP pump delivers 2-3 litres/sec. And a 1 HP pump can irrigate upto 2 acres.

And approximately 83,000 litres of water (roughly 1 HP pump running for 10 hours), results in 1 inch depth of water in 1 acre.

On sunny days, 5.5 hours of running of pump can be expected.

Solar Pumping Solution

The solution comprises solar PV module array, a solar pump drive / inverter, a motor and a pump.

Once installed, there are no fuel costs, no emissions, and no CO2 generation. Instead, we have a quiet, non-polluting, dependable water pumping system with low maintenance and a lifetime of over 25 years.


We offer high quality Solar pumping solutions that work throughout the year on all sunny days from morning till evening with
  • Solar panels tried & tested for high performance at low light
  • Best-in-class Solar Pump Controller &
  • High quality Protection devices
  • and if required, World-class Pumps.
We build our solutions using the most-trusted and high-quality components, to last life time. We don't compromise on quality. And our prices are absolutely competitive.

Contact us with the following details, for a professional solution with safe design, top quality components and excellent serviceability.

  • Pump HP rating, model and make
  • Type of pump: Surface-mounted or Submersible
  • If Submersible, depth at which the pump is, in feet &
  • Depth at which water is, in feet

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