Off-grid Solar PV power plants with Battery storage

Off-grid power plants do not require supply from the grid, to work. They are ideal for places with intermittent and long power outages.

Off-grid power plants supply energy generated from Sun to the loads, and store excess energy in batteries.

Off-grid power plants can't export excess power to the grid, but can draw additional power from the grid.

A 1 kilowatt solar pv power plant generates approximately 4.5 - 5.5 units of electricity per day, & needs approximately 10 ft x 10 ft unshaded area.

Unlike on-grid power plants, no permission from EB or no change of meter are required, to install these.

There are palatial bungalows as well as small houses in Coimbatore, that have gone completely off-grid, using Solar for 100% of their energy needs including ACs and pumps.

And a leading property developer was a pioneer in installing an off-grid power plant, to even run their elevator.

solar power

Word of caution

Most of the houses having UPS have a wiring problem - with the "return" supply going back to the pole.

Moreover, Solar power plants have both AC and DC circuits. And every aspect of design (PV panels, Inverter, Batteries, Protection devices, Cables, Accessibility, Cooling) is important.

Many early adopters of Solar solutions from various Solution providers, approach us for solutions to a variety of problems due to what we see as inefficient solution designs - like over-charging, under-charging, excessive energy loss, inefficient panels, compromised protection, etc.


We offer high quality Solar powerplant solutions built using the most-trusted and high-quality components, to last life time.
  • Solar panels tried & tested for high performance and long life
  • Best-in-class Solar Inverters
  • Best-in-class Solar Batteries
  • High quality Protection devices
  • and if required, state-of-the-art Lightning Arresters.
We don't compromise on quality. And our prices are absolutely competitive.

Contact us with the following details, for a professional solution with safe design, top quality components and excellent serviceability.

  • Type of EB connection presently available (Single Phase, 3-Phase) or no EB connection
  • Details of load to be run without power, in watts
  • Max load to be run together, in watts
  • Duration to run, in hours

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