What is an On-Grid OR Grid-Tie(d) Power Plant?

  • It is a grid-connected Solar power-plant that can supply output to connected load, and inject excess power into the EB grid.

  • When the grid is down (that is, during power outages), power-plant inverter also shuts down.

  • So even during sunshine, on-grid power-plant works only when EB grid is up.

  • If battery storage is available, then battery supplies the load - when grid is down.

How to measure power we supply to the Grid?

  • By replacing existing energy meter with a "Net Meter" supplied by EB.

  • It is a bi-directional meter that measures both the number of units consumed from the grid & the number of units supplied to the grid.

What is Net Metering scheme?

  • Users are permitted to supply upto 90% of their annual consumption back to the grid, using an on-grid power plant.

  • Users will have to apply to EB, who will replace the existing energy meter with Net Meter.

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  • During every billing cycle, user pays only for the difference between "Units Consumed" and "Units Supplied to Grid".

  • Once a year in July/August, EB verifies if user has supplied back to grid more than 90% of their annual consumption.

  • This is the Net Metering scheme. But this is not extended to all.

If Net Meter is not available OR if we are not eligible for Net metering, Can we set up On-grid power plant?

  • We can. But we can't adjust the power supplied back to the Grid, against the power consumed.

  • Still, we can completely utilize power-plant output to our load, and bring down consumption from EB.

Who are eligible to avail Net Metering facility in Tamilnadu?

H.T. Consumers eligible for Net Metering
Tariff Category
L.T. Consumers eligible for Net Metering
Tariff Category
Govt. Educational Institutions & hostels, Govt. Hospitals, Water Supply, etc., Places of Worship
Domestic, Handloom, Nutrition Centres, etc
Commercial and other categories, Private communication providers, Cinema Studios and Cinema Theatres
L.T. Bulk Supply, Railway Colonies, Defence Colonies, etc
Public lighting, Water supply, Sewer, Village/Town Panchayat, Municipality / Corporations
Govt and Aided Educational Institutions, Govt Hospitals etc
Commercial & others

Who can go for On-Grid power plant?

  • Whoever wants to reduce energy costs, can setup an on-grid power plant.

  • Users with maximum energy consumption between 9AM and 5 PM stand to get maximum benefit, even without net metering.

  • But power supply from grid should be available for on-grid power plant to function.

  • Users having UPS, also can go for on-grid power plant, as they have backup to support during outages.

Word of Caution

Most of the premises having UPS have a wiring problem - the "return" supply going back to the pole. All such wiring issues need to be resolved.

Moreover, Solar power plants have both AC and DC circuits. And every aspect of design (PV panels, Inverter, Protection devices, Cables, Accessibility, Cooling) is important. We come across a variety of problems due to inefficient solution designs - like excessive energy loss, inefficient panels, compromised protection, etc.

Also, components used in power plants like Solar panels, Inverters, Protection devices are available at various price levels, depending on their quality. Therefore, the cheapest solution obviously could not have used better quality components. So beware.


We offer high quality Solar powerplant solutions built using the most-trusted and high-quality components, to last life time.
  • Solar panels tried & tested for high performance and long life
  • Best-in-class Solar Inverters
  • High quality Protection devices
  • and if required, state-of-the-art Lightning Arresters.
We don't compromise on quality. And our prices are absolutely competitive.

Contact us with the following details, for a professional solution with safe design, top quality components and excellent serviceability.

  • Consumer category: Commercial (tariff Rs. 8.05/=) or Industrial (tariff Rs. 6.35/=),
  • Number of Units consumed per billing cycle (or) Electricity Bill Amount &
  • Billing Frequency (Monthly or 2-months).

Call us for a quick discussion to clarify your doubts on tentative capacity of Solar power plant required, tentative cost, and tentative pay-back or investment-recovery period.

Call us at +91-84899-25659 (or) Drop a line to contact@resilientsolar.com for expert guidance

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