Go for Solar thermal solutions, if you use electricity for process heating.

  • Solar thermal solutions produce heat directly from Sun, without using electricity.

  • Domestic Solar water heaters are the most common examples of Solar thermal systems.

  • Solar Water Heating Systems heat water, either directly or by heating a “working fluid” that then heats the water. Solar water heaters are commonly used to heat water in homes and industries like dairies for can- washing, heating air, etc. as it is a cost-effective device to heat water for industrial purposes.

  • Supplying pre-heated water from Cascaded Solar water heaters to boilers, will reduce energy required to generate steam.

  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Systems concentrate the sun’s energy into reflective devices such as trough or mirror panels to produce heat that is used for industrial processes or to generate electricity.

  • Transpired Solar Collectors use solar energy to pre-heat ventilation air.

  • Passive Solar Energy Devices use the building itself as both solar collector and storage medium, usually by increasing the window area on the south side of the building and the amount of thermal mass inside the building to absorb the solar heat that enters through the windows.

  • Day Lighting Systems provide light during the day, significantly reducing the cost of heat gain from electric lighting.

commercial solar heating
commercial solar heating

>> Industrial Sectors

>> Hospitality Sector >> Comfort Cooling >> Community Cooking >> Residential Sector

Industrywise Process Heat Requirements
Industry Working Fluid Temp. Range
Pharmaceutical Industry Steam, Air 80o C - 230o C
Textile Industry Water, Steam 60o C - 150o C
Chemical Industry Steam, Air 80o C - 320o C
Pulp & Paper Industry Steam upto 185o C
Food Industry Steam, Air 80o C - 280o C
Mechanical Industry Water, Steam 60o C - 150o C
Automobile Industry Water, Steam 60o C - 200o C

Project Payback
Application Area Payback Period
Cooking (substituting LPG @ Rs 90 / kg) < 3 years
Process Heat
Substituting Furnace Oil, Diesel, PNG @ Rs 45/lit 3 - 4 years
Substituting Coal, Biomass, Wood 5 - 7 years
Cooling 7 - 10 years

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