Thermal power plants generate electricity by boiling water and making the steam to rotate turbines. But we get only 2% of the total energy spent as electricity to our homes. Therefore is it not insane to use electricity, to heat water again?

Industries using boilers can save their energy expenses significantly, by using Solar hot water solutions for pre-heating boiler-feed to about 65 degrees Celsius.

Hotels and hostels can save significantly by using Solar hot water solutions for bathing and cooking requirements.

Solar Thermal systems pay back in 3-4 years, which is much quicker than PV systems.

In addition to turn-key solutions, we also undertake customizations like temperature display and centralized ON-OFF control of hot water delivery.

World's largest solar furnace in France that can generate temperature upto 3,500 deg C, i.e., 6,330 deg F, is a standing proof of what Solar thermal systems can do.

For domestic needs:

A new 20 litre storage water heater consumes 2 units of electricity per hour, while an instant water heater consumes 3 units per hour.

So family of 4 can save upto 90 units of electricity per month, by using a Solar water heater.

They work with hard water and can work even under cloudy conditions making use of diffused radiation.

The only requirement is to have the cold water storage tank at 5-7 ft above the surface where Solar water heater is to be mounted.

Minimum size is 100 litre per day (LPD), sufficient for upto 4 persons.

Available in 100 LPD (3-4 persons), 150 LPD (5-6 persons), 200 LPD (7-8 persons), 250 LPD (9-10 persons), 300 LPD (11-12 persons) sizes.

solar water heater

solar water heater

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